The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.

It all started in August 2013, when the ideas and aromas of freshly baked bread were floating in the air. We got inspired, dwelt on them and started our own research on market requirements and customer needs.
With a very little offer of these specific types of bread, we saw the value of introducing a new product to the market that would satisfy customer needs. So we decided to start our new exciting journey.

October 2013

Treatvale Company was born in October 2013.
It was a turning moment in our lives, and since then we have never stopped conquering mountains, constantly ascending to higher and steeper ones.

December 2013

A pair of hands is enough for a family oven, but for production - in technology we trust!
Our relationship with this modern side of bread baking has started from December 2013, when we organized a tender for bakery equipment suppliers.

January 2014

We welcomed a new year 2014 by employing our head baker and production manager. The wheel started turning, gaining speed and vividly responding to the needs and cravings of our clients.

July 2014

Our first sales went out into the world, and we started to build an ever treasured family of our own regular clients.

August 2014

In August 2014 all recipes were revised and improved by Backaldrine - baking developer with great reputation on a global international level. This served as a foundation to a new line of breads at a later stage.

October 2014

This was the moment when cakes, sweet buns and pastries appeared on our production list, as we acquired the largest Lithuanian confectionery in Ireland (Daiva’s Cakes).

November 2014

We started supplying Lithuanica Group.

January 2015

We started cooperation with Mroz Retail.

Our courage in terms of adding new traditional and innovative products to the production catalogue, can serve as a baseline, for an exciting story of adventurous bread baking. To illustrate this point we can share just a few of our experiments that have come to stay in our product assortment; the biggest ones, as we are limited by space, but still we would like to excite you.

September 2015

We have launched a new range of Moldavian traditional products, an unprecedented event in the market!

January 2016

New line of French cousine products was launched.

March 2016

“Fresco” cookies brand with a nationwide supply network was brought to the market.

May 2016

Besides other things, we can include company takeovers we have executed paving the way to widening our assortment. In May 2016 our Lithuanian line has received a boost with the acquisition of the largest Lithuanian bakery in Northern Ireland (Raigedo Duona).

February 2017

By February 2017 we have become a reliable supplier to a wide range of ethnic store all across Republic or Ireland and Northern Ireland.

August 2017

Sixteen new lines of deli bar products were developed.

September 2018

Bulgarian Breads were launched and various Bulgarian Ethnical Stores have joined our Partner’s List.

January 2019

The Beginning of 2019 was marked by a new phase in our buns production. Investment into new packaging equipment for all types of buns, and marketing campaigns ran to support new improved sweet buns led to an increase in sales by 100%.

September 2019

Our team consists of specialists, who behind their aprons, uniforms and suits are a nice bunch of individuals - all with great personalities, big hearts, warm smiles and passion for bread.
In September 2019 our company welcomed one more member of our family – a frontline manager responsible for deliveries and display.

February 2020

We started to supply our produce to Supervalu stores!

August 2020

Autumn of 2020 has been marked by the launch of a new range of Romanian products branded as Alexandru Bakery.

September 2020

Our Raigedo Duona brand has broken into the market with its new logo, packaging and products, fulfilling the dreams of the Lithuanian community to have access to high-quality home-like products at reasonable prices.
Thus, we change the very meaning of “real Lithuanian bread” one-step at a time.

December 2020

We have celebrated the end of the year 2020 with the birth of our premium brand - The Happy Family Bakery!

February 2021

In February 2021 our bakery was listed with BWG Foods, one of Ireland's leading food retail and wholesale companies, which we value as a moment of our recognition on the battlefield of food companies. So our Products become widely available at SPAR and MACE stores.

April 2021

April 2021 will be remembered as a new bread line launch month, while all in all year 2021 will leave its mark on our digitalization advancement: a specially crafted software will be fully implemented to automatically control all production, dispatch, delivery and forecasting processes.

May 2021

The latest addition to our team is a new Polish Head Baker who has worked in leading Polish and internationally renowned baking companies like Diamant, Cream, Piekarnia Maciuś, Backaldrin…

June 2021

We've got listed with Barry’s Group – another strong pillar of Irish wholesale distribution sector. So now our end customer is able to find our fresh produce at Costcutter stores!

July 2021

July 2021 was marked by upgrading and augmenting the fleet of delivery vans, which along with the ERP system gave the way to more efficient and cost-effective logistics.

November 2021

To satisfy the growing needs of our customers and business partners, we upgraded our bread line in November 2021. We increased efficiency while keeping the high quality of our products.

February 2022

Thanks to our B2B customers' trust and the fact that they enjoy the quality of our products and service, the number of our pleased customers has increased and exceeded 300!

April 2022

As demand for our high-quality items increased, we made the decision to expand our delivery service and introduce additional routes to serve more customers.

September 2022

We’re delighted to have been awarded a BRONZE AWARD for our Traditional Romanian Bread in the Loaves, Rolls and Flatbreads category at the 2022 Irish Quality Food Awards.
Now that this success has been achieved, we would like to thank everyone who made it possible. We are grateful to our customers, business partners and our fantastic The Happy Family Bakery team.

December 2022

Our new product Luxury Poppy Twist debuted on the local market shortly before Christmas. It's a modern version of the classic poppy seed roll. Our Twist is crispy on the outside and deliciously soft on the inside, thanks to our carefully crafted recipe. This product has received a positive response from consumers and is now a permanent part of our commercial offering.

June 2023

Due to the growing number of Ukrainians in Ireland and the growing demand for Ukrainian products we decided to introduce two new delicious breads to the market. Both, Ukrainian White Loaf and Ukrainian Rye Bread were welcomed very well and quickly became favourites among our customers.

August 2023

We are thrilled to announce the beginning of a new delivery route for our bakery due to an expanding client base and our solid reputation for making high-quality bread that is increasingly valued by a bigger audience. We can now reach even more people with our great bread products thanks to this expansion.

September 2023

We are honored by the judges' decision to qualify our toast bread as a finalist in this year's edition of the Qawards. Our newest White Toast Bread combines traditionally handcrafted techniques with a modern taste and texture.

September 2023

We are proud to have participated in one of the most prestigious competitions for producers in Ireland, Blas na hÉireann. Two of our products received special recognition: our Sweet Cheese Bun made it to the finals, and our Caramel Donut won the gold award.

December 2023

Fleet Refresh: In our efforts to protect the environment and reduce CO2 emissions, we updated our fleet by replacing older vehicles with new, more eco-friendly models.

December 2023

Training & Professional Development and Health & Safety. We had provided a structured Training & Professional Development programme for our employees and team members.

January 2024

We modernized our electrical installation and upgraded the main electrical components to increase energy efficiency and reduce power consumption, contributing to our sustainability goals.

March 2024

We implemented new equipment to support waste segregation for recycling. This initiative significantly reduced the disposal of plastic and cardboard. We plan to further reduce plastic waste by an additional 25% and increase cardboard recycling by 35% to 40%.

May 2024

We launched two new products in our Grab and Go series. These are delicious portioned cakes, each weighing 210g. The first is a chocolate cake with peanut butter and caramel filling, and the second is a buttery cake with cranberries

Success is a journey, not a destination.

Many events have happened and many changes were implemented throughout the years, but our identity and mission have always remained the same. We are here to satisfy our clientele, to meet their needs and desires. This defines our place in the baking landscape. We keep discovering the multicultural side of the population of Ireland. The result you can see in our catalogue of breads: Polish, Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Romanian... Old tastes, traditional, and with a tweak – everyone can find something he seeks for. And varieties are constantly growing.

We scaled our success and expanded our product delivery to every corner of the island of Ireland, including more and more families into the one big community of The Happy Family Bakery’s bread lovers, who share happiness and satisfaction with the products we made for them, value the deep roots and traditions, advocate bread eating and appreciate good quality bread. Because we also do!

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