Thinking of life without bread feels nearly impossible. Because it is something we consume almost every day with variety of dips, stuffing or sauces. Bread historian Mr. William Rubel, the author of “Bread: A Global History”, said: “Bread is basically what your culture says it is”.

Here we have listed down the top 10 breads in the world, one must try.

1. French Baguette, France

French Baguette is a long thin loaf of French bread with crusty taste. The word “baguette” comes from the Italian word “bacchetta” (stick). The crusty part is ideal to mix with soup and strews. Baguette is also a perfect base for amazing sandwiches. It is widely sold in the street of Paris.

2. Pita Bread, Middle East

Baked in hot oven, this bread fluffs up, then cools and flattens. It widely used on day to day basis in all Arabic Countries. It goes well with meats, falafel, shawarma and salads.
Origin: Pita bread comes from Middle East. During the early 90’s many Middle Easterners came to America and introduced Pita bread with their spicy recipes. Now it is very common and widely eaten everywhere.

3. Tortilla, Mexico

Traditional tortilla is made of maize flour. It is a thin, flat bread so versatile that nearly every Mexican dish you eat comes with tortilla. It used in various types of Tacos made from white, yellow, blue or red corn. Today there are more than 450 tortilla makers in USA alone.
Origin: Originated in America, tortilla is most common in Mexico. An average Mexican family of four can consume up to 2 pounds of Tortilla a day. Tortilla became world famous in 2015 and is now sold nearly in every country. In fact, on 24th of February Tortilla Day is celebrated.

4. Injera, Ethiopia

Teff flour to make Injera bread is made of an ancient and very nutritious grain, which name derives from the Amharic word “yatafa”, meaning “lost” in English. This flat bread with soft texture tastes deliciously with sauces and strews. Flour is mixed with water and fermented for several days. This gives spongy texture and a slightly tangy taste to the bread. Food is being served on top of Injera, wrapped in it.
Origin: Ethiopia, Eretria and Somalia. Ethiopian food mainly consists of all kind of vegetables and Spicy meats served with Injera bread.

5. Bagel, Poland, USA

This bread is handmade, as it requires round shape with round hole in the middle. Bagel is made of wheat dough. It is the only bread that is boiled before being baked. The round opening in middle increases the surface area, allows more crust formation and helps in faster baking.
Bagels are delicious with cream cheese or butter and jam for your teatime. They also taste delicious with various sour fillings.
Origin: Bagel originated from Poland and is popular in many Eastern and North American countries.

6. Paratha, India

Paratha is a flat bread made of wheat flour mixed with oil and water and fried on a non-stick pan with oil or ghee. There are various mouth-watering types of parathas, but the most typical one is a plain butter paratha served hot with curry. Paratha with various vegetables, cheese, and paneer stuffing are also very popular. They can be cooked and served with ketchup or spicy chutneys for adding an incredible taste.
Origin: Origin of paratha is India, where this bread is being served for centuries, and every Indian family uses it on regular basis.

7. Rugbrod, Denmark

The main ingredients of this bread are rye flour and seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, linseed). It is brown in colour and rectangle in shape. Rich on nutrients, fantastic in texture and unrepeatable taste, Rugbrod serves as a good alternative to wheat bread. That’s why it is used to make famous Danish open sandwiches.
Origin: Originated from Denmark, it is the most commonly used traditional bread there. It accompanies fish, meats, potatoes and gravy dishes at every meal.

8. Crumpet, UK

Crumpet is a small griddle cake with a spongy texture, reminding that of a pancake. It has a smooth round bottom and small holes on top. In some areas crumpets are still referred to as pikelet. It is made of flour, yeast and water or milk. It tastes like muffin but it is much lighter than that. You can enjoy crumpets with butter, peanut butter, jam, marmalade, lemon yogurt, melted cheese, honey, chocolate sauce, or even ice cream. So many options that you just want to try it. Remember to make a nice cup of tea or coffee as well!
Origin: Originated from the United Kingdom, crumpets are very popular and liked in Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia.

9. Focaccia, Italy

Focaccia is a flat oven baked Italian bread. It is good for sandwiches, as well as for meals or snacks. This bread is very versatile. It can be made days in advance and kept frozen. Focaccia dough is very similar to that of pizza, but has a thicker crust when baked. This bread is served hot with olive oil, onion, roasted tomatoes and salt sprinkled on top. Wonderfully tasty!
Origin: Focaccia originates from Italy. Today it has become increasingly popular worldwide.

10. Quick Breads, America

Quick bread is made with baking soda and baking powder instead of yeast. The advantage of quick bread is the simplicity and time saving, hence it has been a popular choice for both beginner’s and experienced bakers. Banana bread, beer bread, biscuits, muffins, pancakes – all these can be made quick and relatively easy. You should definitely try them once for a quick bite.
Origin: Quick breads exist in many cuisines, but they are especially popular in America. American are known for using bread in almost all their daily meals.

Materials from the articleflamingotravels website were used in writing this article.

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