Bread is so much more than just food. It is our history, our family strengths, legends and spiritual connection.


In days of old, a fleet of legendary men of the goddess Dannan arrived to the coasts of ancient Ireland on the shiny flying vessel surrounded by clouds  of smoke and fire …
Kind gods of light have brought with them several sacred objects from the northern islands of Hyperborea. For centuries, scientists and scholars of different religions studied their appearance in all kinds of chronicles, legends and fables.
– The first of the celestial objects was the Spear of Lugh that was always on the warpath, ready to strike.
– The second one was the God Nuan’s Sword of Light. Nobody could parry his blow.
– The third one was the Stone of Fal, the stone of destiny, which could proclaim the next true king of Ireland.
– The fourth one was the Dagda’s Cauldron, the source of prosperity and immortality.
Nobody knows what happened to the sword, stone and spear. Might they be in the possession of the gods’ descendants, who still inhabit the lands of Ireland? Why not!

And the Cauldron? Oh,through the flow of centuries and obliviousness people lost it.
Dagda’s Cauldron never left anyone hungry. Nobody would leave the table of Dagda still feeling hunger. Different food was constantly being cooked there simultaneously. Whatever the diners would ask for, there it was, steaming hot, and seasoned just to their likes.
When the men and gods of the Dannan’s tribe were conquered and had to go into the under-earth world, the magical Cauldron was broken into thousands of pieces.
Deity Dagda has divided these fragments amongst the kind and sincere people (as the cauldron cooked nothing for evil or untruthful people), and small pieces of magical cauldron scattered across the land.

Since then the most talented chefs and bakers are thought to possess a piece of God Dagda’s Cauldron.



Our bakers also have a fragment of a magical cauldron. They say so, and we believe them. Why? See it for yourselves:
– They bake wonderful and tasty bread.
– Nobody leaves the bakery unfed.
– Each of you can find the bread their heart desires.
– Our bread not only can brighten your mood and grace your life, also it can revitalize you, give you energy and vigour.
– Some of our baked goods can even make naughty kids behave well, and improve the character of some adults.
– Our breads can make people kinder, sincerer, and more generous.
– They can reconcile the ones who quarreled and even awake love to each other.


Remember: there is a piece of Cauldron of wealth and abundance in the hands of our bakers.
In order to see for yourself, how true all that is, you just need to study our product assortment, choose bread of your liking and see results!

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