What is your sanctuary, your safe harbour and power bank?

Our recent edition of Village Bread has become a vortex of energy for us and many other hard working people.

Just imagine a hard working man who spent a long day in the field-plowing, sowing, harvesting…Imagine his sore sun burnt loins, a strong wish for peace, comfortable rocking chair and hearty food. Hedoesn’t take the nature’s gifts for granted. They are rather a well deserved reward for his sweat and calluses. He is a caretaker and a caregiver all in one person. He brings the Earth energy to nourish they family and loved ones.

We all do the same after a long, exhausting day at the office. Even if your “field” doesn’t need watering and weeding, but rather writing scientific researches, evaluating colleagues’ competencies and mastering the art of negotiation. We bring the harvest of our everyday hard work to our family.

That is the quintessence of our newest bread-passing the power of motherland to the dearest ones.Taste it and feel our care!

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